ss18 street-style killers from Scandi to NYC


When you take a look at the scale of fashion week, especially in NYC but also throughout London, Scandinavia, Paris, Milan, it seems pretty wild that this many people all come together to celebrate, and set the basis for what many “sheeps” if you will, will follow. Setting trends, exposing them thru brand promotion and popularizing them, as many bloggers, and influencers do during their respective fashion weeks, and the months to follow.

It has amazed me since my young teens, coming to NYC admiring all the glamour, but amidst it all there is this overwhelming feeling of opportunity, or (i think space says it better) to be whomever you choose. You can dress whatever way you want to.

Growing up in the suburbs of Long Island there was much “sheeping” going on, meaning this one following that one in the hopes that they, too would be cool. And for me, from the time I was able to pick out my own outfit, I was never on board with that. I always wanted to wear whatever I wanted to wear, and paid no mind to what someone else was wearing or doing in regards to choosing for myself. White flower embellished clogs with colourful flowers, a denim mini, pink top and a bag to match–I was set. For sure they stared. I didn’t mind.

When I was exposed to this widely individualistic playground that is New York City, not only in terms of clothing choice but all around individual expression, I felt a sense of comfort. And comfort not arising from fitting in, but a comfort in recognition of standing out. Everyone was someone, whomever they wanted to be. And it was cool, it was gravy, people would just smile, nod, appreciate, and continue on. I needed to be there.

NYC is inherently gifted with this constant repertoire of individuality, and fashion week has always been indicative of the appreciation of this individuality to me, and street-style has been a huge proprietor in this avenue of expression (and not to mention a time to see some of the most interesting, most daring ensembles).

It is easy for many to jump to conclusions and recognize the fashion industry in shallow terms, as there is often an air of superficiality in promotion and high price tags, and it can be, not necessarily that it always is, but at its core, often, it is deeper. (And i do believe that it has a core, that it can go waaay beyond a surface, it simply depends on who, and what). There is a massive celebration of self expression from many aspects, and it remains a beautiful avenue for said expression.

Having been afforded opportunities to travel throughout my life, I’ve been so grateful to see other places, too, outside of NYC, and to recognize many more cultures (especially among those in various countries of Europe) overwhelmingly evocative of this appreciation of the individual.

So, in celebration of fashion week I’ve compiled some of the best street-style looks so far, from Stockholm, Copenhagen, and NYC. (try not to drool too much on that keyboard of yours.)

P.S. How cool are these boys chilling outside in Stockholm???? FAVES

Stay groovy.




None of these photos do I claim as my own!

Photo credits in order of appearance:

Tyler Joe @ Harper’s Bazaar; Ruben Chammoro @ Cosmopolitan; Style Du Monde @ Vogue; Getty @ Vogue; Style Du Monde @ Vogue; Tyler Joe @ Elle; Maria Bernad (@mariabernad); Tyler Joe @ Harper’s Bazaar; Simon Chetrit @ Manrepeller; Chris Choi (@streetper); Ana Saber (@oursecondskin); Robert Spangle @ GQ


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