Dance into autumn



As autumn beckons, we’re facing a period of transformation, altering our mindsets, along with our wardrobes. It’s difficult leaving the beach, letting go of the warmer months, and simpler times, but to combat the depressive feelings that often accompany this period, let’s look towards the bright side(s). (Because they always exist, the non-constant here being whether we choose to see them or not).

For starters, now that the temperatures are becoming not so denim and white-tee friendly, we are at liberty to layer (!!!)  without having to wring our tops out every few hours. Enter: oversized coats, and knits galore!  Not to mention, the opportunity for the subtlety that is leather trousers, (faux included,) sans the feeling of a furnace placed atop your legs. Ah, now doesn’t that put you at peace, just a little bit?

Autumn offers opportunities for growth, as well as self exploration. Through its extensive coloration, and the need for warmth, autumn serves as an avenue for inspiration, facilitating the drive of self expression.

My October wishlist color palette draws inspiration from Henri Matisse’s ‘La Danse,’  featuring customary autumn notes like brown, orange, and a wonderful hunter green. A bright, ultramarine blue is introduced by an oversized coat, complementing anticipated autumnal hues. A tee and mules are autumn equipped by the addition of leather trousers and a bold coat, epitomizing a transitional look. Venus elevates the look, boasting a polished gold statement earring, while the addition of an orange kitty clutch nods to playfulness (and the ease of non-bulky bags)!

Let’s continue to be inspired this autumn…




Wishlist Details:

Leather trousers // Joseph via Matches Fashion

Hotaru oversized cashmere blend coat // Roksanda via Farfetch

Cat-oriental jacquard clutch // Loewe via Matches Fashion

Selene oversized gold earrings // Phoebe Simpson 

Acqua di Barragan Tee // Barragán

Satin mules // Marni






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